My Trip to Slovakia

November 4-12, 2000


I flew American Airlines from Dallas to Prague.  From Prague I flew one of the Regional Airlines into Kosice, Slovakia where my friend Eva and her family met me.  Eva was an exchange student in Watson, Arkansas and her English was greatly appreciated.  She and her family were my host and tour guides while I was there. My base if I am not mistaken was in Vranov nad Toplou, Eastern Slovakia.  After leaving Slovakia, I flew Austrian Airlines from Kosice into Vienna, Austria where I stayed at the Bristol Hotel.  I was there just for a couple of days before returning to the US via Zurich (Swiss Airlines) and then again on American Airlines.  I would love to return one day and spend more time in Slovakia, Vienna, and elsewhere. Note I am unable to make the special characters associated with the Slovak Language so I have used standard Roman characters.

Map of Region

Index of Photos

Album 1 - Prague from the Air, Spis Castle Ruins (Spissky Hrad)

Album 2 - Horka Castle; Chateau

Album 3 - Medzilaborce, Slovakia - Andy Worhol Museum

Album 4 - Last of Slovakia Photos, Vienna, Austria Photos

Album 5 - Vienna, Austria; Leaving Austria enroute to Zurich Airport

Album 6 - Photos of Switzerland from the air - Leaving Zurich enroute to US

Postcards of Slovakia

Another Map:

Vranov Region, Slovakia