Animals are fun to photograph and educational.  Nature photos and existing light concert photos have always been two of my favorite types of photography.  In 2009 I went to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville to take some photos because my English classes in Miguel Alemán, México were studying animals.  I intended to make some photo flashcards to help teach them English.  I was forced to leave before I completed that project.  In addition to taking photos at the Gladys Porter Zoo (twice) I also went to the San Antonio Zoo where I took almost 900 photos.  I also have photos I have taken in "the wild" as I have traveled.  Look to the index to the left to make your selection.  Visit often as I will continue to add more photos.  If there is a photo of which you would like a print, email me.  All photos taken using my Nikon D80 and the origianls are 300 DPI.