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2009 MLB Team News
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American League Team

Baltimore Orioles

Orioles' Website

Baltimore Sun;

Fan Blog: The Spence Report

Boston Red Sox

Red Sox' Website

Boston HeraldProvidence Journal

Blogs: Red Sox Girl: Brownie Points : Red Sox Insider 


Chicago White Sox

White Sox' Website

Chicago Tribune :  Chicago Sun

Blogs: Merkin : Reifert : Beckham

Cleveland Indians

Indians' Website

The Plain Dealer

Blogs: Castrovince : Neil Wagner

Detroit Tigers

Tigers' Website

Detroit News :

Blogs: Beck : Comerica 48201

Kansas City Royals

Royals' Website

Kansas City Star

Blogs: Kaegel : ATH : K Crew

Los Angeles Angels

Angels' Website

Los Angeles Times

Blogs: Torii Hunter : Lyle Spencer

Minnesota Twins

Twins' Website

Star-Tribune : Pioneer Press

Blogs:  Thesier : Perkins : Plouffe

New York Yankees

Yankees' Website

NYTimes: NYPost : NY Daily News : NJ Star Ledger

Blogs: Bryan Hoch

Oakland A's

Athletics' Website

San Francisco Chronicle ; ContraCosta Times : Oakland Tribune

Blogs: Urban  

Seattle Mariners

Mariners' Website

Seattle News-Tribune

Blogs: Jim Street   : Mariner's Insider

Tampa Bay Rays

Rays' Website

Tampa Tribune (Tampa Bay Online)

Blogs : Bill Chastain

Texas Rangers

Rangers' Website

Dallas Morning News

Blogs: T R Sullivan

Toronto Blue Jays

Blue Jays' Website

Toronto Sun :   The Star

Blog: Major League Bastian

National League Team
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Arizona Diamondbacks

Diamondbacks' Website

Blogs: Inside the D-backs : Daron's Blog


Atlanta Braves

Braves' Website

Atlanta Constitution

Blog: Bowman's Blog

Chicago Cubs

Cubs' Website

Chicago Tribune :  Chicago Sun

Blogs: Muskrat Rumblings : Vine Line's : Reed Between the Lines (Cubs' OF Reed Johnson)

Cincinnati Reds

Red's Website :

Cincinnati Enquirer : Kentucky Post

Blogs Sheldon : Misudek

Colorado Rockies

Rockies' Website

Denver Post

Blogs: Hard Ball Times ; Casey Weathers

Florida Marlins

Marlins' Website

Miami Herald :

Fan Blog: Joe Frisaro :

Houston Astros

Astros' Website

Houston Chronicle

Blogs: Alyson Footer

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers' Website

Los Angeles Times

Dining with 'Dre : Tommy Lasorda's World : Inside the Dodgers Fan Blogs Kenny G Around the Horn

Milwaukee Brewers

Brewers' Website

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Blogs:   McCalvy : Anderson : Lawrie

New York Mets

Mets' Website

NYTimes: NYPost : NY Daily News : NJ Star Ledger

Blog : Marty Noble

Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies' Website

Blogs: Zolecki : Phillies Insider

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pirates' Website

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette : Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Blogs: Jenifer Langosch

San Diego Padres

Padres' Website

Union Tribune

Blogs: Corey Brock : Friar John

San Francisco Giants

Giants' Website

San Francisco Chronicle; Contra Costa Times : Oakland Tribune

Behind the Mask : Inside the Giants - Fan Blog : Haft-Baked Ideas :

St. Louis Cardinals

Cardinals' Website

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Blogs:Leaches' Cardinal Blog 

Washington Nationals

Nationals website

Washington Post Coverage

Blogs: Bill Ladson : Collin Balester

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