ESL - English Verbs

To truly learn any language, you must learn verbs and their conjugations.  While English is a difficult language to learn because of pronunciation variances (letters are pronounced many ways), grammatically it is not difficult to learn the verb conjugations.  You have Regular verbs and Irregular verbs.  All regular verbs more or less follow the same pattern.  Irregular verbs often follow the same pattern in the present tense but deviate in the Past and Past Participle.  The 4 Irregular Verbs you need to know most are listed on the left - "To Be", "To Have", "To Be Able" and "To Do".  I will continuously add more irregular verbs as time permits.  I also have 1 Regular verb listed - "To Talk".  Since Regular verbs follow the same pattern, I will only post a few more conjugatedto illustrate minor deviations.  Otherwise I will post a list of Regular Verbs and you can feel comfortable conjugating them in the same pattern as "To Talk"

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