This is a draft - a work in progress.  The objective is to create a list of 100 common questions that elementary students can be taught along with an example answer.  The original target was Kindergarten and first grade but I expanded it in an effort to make it applicable to ESL, ELL students in general.  If you have any suggestions or corrections, email me  I changed the scope a little and focused on identifying question words and trying to have at least one question using each question word.  At the same time I wanted to compile a useful list of questions for students to be familiar with and eventually learn.


Salutations - Greetings / Goodbyes:

See you later
Good morning
Good afternoon
Good evening
Good night (this is leaving or going to bed)

Thank You
Excuse me

100 Questions and Answers:

Question words:

Who? What? When? Where? Why? Which? Whose?
How? How much? How many?
Can? May? Will? Do? Does? Did? Would? Could? Shall? Should?
“to be” verbs: Is? Was? Are? Were? Am?
“to have” verbs: Have? , has?


Who is that? That (He, she) is ___________.
Who knows the answer?
Who has a question?
Who remembers what this is called in English?
Who can tell me _______?
Who needs to go (to the bathroom?, to get water?)


What time is it? It is _______.
What is your name? My name is ________.
What is this called in English? It is called a __________.
What are you doing? I am _______.
What is today? Today is M onday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ….
What was yesterday? Yesterday was _________.
What will tomorrow be? Tomorrow will be ________.
What is the date? It is September 23 (twenty-third).
What kind of pet do you have?


When do we leave? We leave at ________.
When is recess? Recess is at ________.
When does the store open?
When is your birthday? My birthday is (month), (day).Where?
Where were you yesterday? I was at ________.
Where are you going? I am going to _________.
Where is the bathroom? The bathroom is _________.
Where do you live? I live at __________(specific address). I live in ___________(general area).
Where is (person’s name)? He (she) is at (in) the ____________.


Why are you talking? I don’t know teacher.
Why is the sky blue? The sky is blue because ________.
Why are (were) you late? I am (was) late because ________.
Why are you crying? I am crying because ________.
Why didn’t you do your homework?


Which one do you want? I want the ______ one.
Which do you like best? I like ______ best?
Whose pencil is this on the floor? It is _______’s. or “That pencil is ______.”

How? How Much? How Many?

How are you? I am ________ : fine, ok, doing well, good, great, not feeling well, sick. Note: May be used with a greeting. For example, “Good morning. How are you?
How old are you? I am ______ years old.
How do you spell that? It is spelled _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
How much is this? It is _____? or It Costs _____.
How much does this cost?  It is _____? or It Costs _____.
How much money do you have? I have ______ pesos.
How many minutes until recess? It is ______ minutes until recess.
How many brothers (sisters) do you have? I have __ brothers (sisters).
How long is it until recess? It is _____(hours, minutes) until recess.
How far is it from here to ___________?  It is ______ miles (kilometers) (or blocks).
How was your weekend?  It was good.  It was O.K.  It was awful!

Can? (to be able)

Can you tell me the answer to question 2? Yes, it is _______.
Can you please give me that book?
Can you make a guess?
Can you please help me?

May? (to ask permission)

May I go to the restroom? Yes, you may.
May I go get a drink of water? Yes, you may.
May I help you?



Will you remember this tomorrow?
Will you please have a seat?
Will you be at school tomorrow?
Will you please take this to the office?
Will you please give this to _______?
Will you please listen and be quiet?


Do you have _______? Yes, I do. No I do not.
Do you understand? Yes, I do.
Do you know her? No, who is she?
Do you remember?
Do you need to go to the restroom?


Does anyone know the answer?
Does anyone need to get a drink of water?
Does anyone need to go to the bathroom?


Did you do your homework? Yes, I did.
Did you remember to bring _______? Yes. I brought it.
Did you get in trouble for talking in class? Yes, I did.
Did you eat your breakfast this morning? No, I didn’t.


Would you like something to eat? Yes I would.
Would someone tell me the answer to question 3?
Would you please tell me what happened?
Would you please shut the door?

Could? (were you able to)

Could you open the door? Or was it locked? No, I couldn’t. It was locked.
Could you do the homework? No, I didn’t understand it.


Shall we go to recess?


Should you be doing that?
Should the door be open?
Should you be working?

Questions with “to be” verbs:


Is this homework? No, this is for you to do in class.
Is this a test? No, this is classwork.


Was she at school yesterday? Yes, she was.
Was it raining this morning? No, but it was cloudy.


Are you hungry? Yes, I am starving!
Are you thirsty? Yes, I need something to drink.
Are you (hot, cold)?
Are you going go the party? Yes, I am.
Are you sick (hurting)? Yes, my throat hurts.


Were you sick yesterday? Yes, I was.
Were you able to find the book?


Am I suppose to be writing this? Yes, you are supposed to be writing it.


“To Have” verbs:


Have you been listening?
Have you seen her?
Have you finished your work?


Has anyone seen my notebook?
Has it been raining?