Eagle College

Templo BelÚnEagle College

Eagle College is located in Cuidad Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, México which is across the Rio Grande River from Roma, Texas.  The school currently has classes for Kindergarten (including what would be called in the US as headstart) through Sixth grades with plans to add seventh grade this year (adding grades as students advance).  Pictured above is the Templo Belén (left) and the adjoining school (right photo).  The concrete area between the fence and the school building is the only area the students have to play.  Land has been purchased and plans made for a new school to be constructed beginning this school year.  As you can see, it is needed.  Last year Eagle College finished with about 110 students.  The bottom area of the school building houses the office, kichen and dining area, pre-K and kindergarten.  The second level has a small library (behind the Eagle College sign), and classrooms for first, second, third, and fourth grades while a combined classroom for fifth and sixth grades was in a wing that is not readily visible in these photos - it is behind the lady (Juany) standing in the walkway.  There was also a small computer room and a "teachers" lounge on the second level and 2 restrooms.  2 other restrooms are located off the dining area on the ground floor.

I am teaching Grades 3 and 4 this year - about 15 students in each. 

my fourth grade class room

My Third Grade Classroom was under construction as of Friday, August 15 (or should I say destruction?)

My Third Grade Class room to be  My current 3rd Grade room