In the table below (scroll down) are some of the authors and books I can recommend for fans of author JK Rowling and the Harry Potter Series. 

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Author Links are for the most part to their official web sites.  A few I could not find official websites so the links are to fan sites.

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Recommended Books
Author Titles / descriptions of story line (some links) Amazon Links  
Britain, Kristen Green Rider, First Rider's Call (Green Rider, Book 2) and The High King's Tomb: Book Three of Green Rider  
Brooks, Terry Voyage of the Jewel Shannara Trilogy  
Bujor, Flavia Written by a 12 year old! Prophecy of the Stones, The, The Prophecy of the Gems  
Carmody, Isobelle Obernewtyn (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, Book 1),The Farseekers (Obernewtyn Chronicles), and several others (misfit children in a Post apocalytic world using their mental powers)  
Colfer, Eoin Mischievious Artemis Fowl and Fairie Magic  
Dart-Thornton, Cecilia The Bitterbynde Trilogy and The Crowthistle Chronicles,    
Funke, Cornelia Inkspell and Inkheart (and others including The Thief Lord)    
Hobb, Robin Farseer Trilogy, Liveship Traders Trilogy, Tawney Man Trilogy    
Jacques, Brian No Magic.  The Redwall (Redwall, Book 1) Series - Just a world of adventure with Animals as the characters  
Lackey, Mercedes Land of Valdemar Series (Lots of books in this magical land). She also has Mapping the World of Harry Potter: An Unauthorized Exploration of the Bestselling Fantasy Series of All Time (Smart Pop series)  
McCaffrey, Anne Dragon Riders of Pern series (lots of books)  
McGarry, Terry Great Trilogy - Illumination,The Binder's Road (Illumination),Triad (Illumination)  
Norton, André Witch World, Web of the Witch World, Three Against the Witch World, Warlock of the Witchworld, Sorceress of the Witch World, Year of the Unicorn, Spell of the Witchworld (7 Volumes Complete)    
Paolini, Christopher Eragon / Eldest (Inheritance, Books 1 & 2)  
Pierce, Tamora Circle of Magic, Wild Magic, etc  
Pullman, Philip His Dark Materials