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A Room without Books is as a Body without a Soul - Cicero

Anyone who knows me knows I love books.  It was once a goal of mine to have books for any age and books on almost any subject.  In other words, a library of my own.  Below are some book related Search Engines and Online Bookstore Links.  Be sure and bookmark this site.  Share the link with your book lover friends! Personally I usually start a book search with either Alibris or Amazon although Powell's has proven to be a good source also.

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Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Findbanner

Online Bookstores Advance Book search -- collection of new and used book dealers UK -- UK collection of new and used book dealers search -- Booksearch and Marketplace (another collection of book dealers)

Powell's Bookstore - based in Portland Oregon

The Strand -- World's Largest?  Located in NYC

Books of Wonder - Lots of Children and Young Adult Books.  Love their store in NYC

Firsts in Print -   UK Bookseller of First Editions, many signed.

Barnes & Noble US  or just use the search box provided above Canada UK France Germany Japan China

First and  India's Largest online bookstore

I have personally bought books from each site listed above either in person or online other than the Amazon sites - I have bought from Amazon US and UK and the India bookstore. If you have a suggested book search site or online bookstore you think I should add, email me

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