2001 Pacific Nortwest Trip

June 21, 2001 through July , 2001

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alberta and British Columbia , Canada

Below are links to photos taken each day of our trip in June-July of 2001 to the Pacific Northwest. The albums are a mix of slides taken by me and photos taken by my parents on the trip. The slides were not numbered but I have attempted to place them in chronilogical order along with the photos but I'm sure some are out of order. Each Album should open in a new window. This Index is still being constructed as I have time to sort and scan slides and photos.


Thursday June 21 Day 1

Album Arrived at Portland Airport, drove to Multnomah Falls, then west to Astoria, North to Aberdeen,WA west to Ocean Shores, WA

Friday June 22 Day 2

Album 1 Ocean Shores, WA up Hwy 101 to Quinault

Album 2 Quinault Rainforest to Hurricaine Ridge (no pics from Hurricaine Ridge to Seattle since it was too late)

Saturday June 23 Day 3

Album 1 Seattle to Mt. Rainier

Album 2 Mt. Rainier to to Lewiston, Idaho

Album 3 Lewiston, ID to neal Kalispell, Montana

Sunday June 24 Day 4

Album 1 Kalispel, Montana to Glacier National Park US

Album 2 Glacier National Park US to Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada

Monday June 25 Day 5

Album 1 Pincher Creek to Banff, Alberta, Canada

Album 2 Banff to Lake Morraine

Album 3

Tuesday June 26 Day 6 Banff to Jasper

Wednesday June 27 Day 7 Jasper to Kamloops

Thursday June 28 Day 8 Kamloops, BC to Winthrop, Washington

Friday June 29 Day 9 Washington to Idaho to Pasco, Wa

Saturday June 30 Day 10 Pasco, Washington to Yakima, Washington and then to Portland, Oregon

Sunday July 1 Day 11 Portland to Little Rock via American Airlines and then home.