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Gladys Porter Zoo 1-31-09

San Antonio Zoo 2-9-09

Gladys Porter Zoo

January 25, 2009 Albums

Album 1 - Western Lowland Gorillas, Cuban Crocodiles, Caribbean Flamingo

Album 2 - Caribbean Flamingo, Komodo Dragon

Album 3 - Caribbean Flamingo, Cuban Crocodile (again), American Alligator, Snapping Turtle, Western lowland Gorilla (again), Arabian Oryx

Album 4 - Arabian Oryx, Large Lizards, Western lowland Gorillas (yes again), Ostrich, Harnessed Bushbuck, Leadbeater's Ground Hornbill, Bornean Bearded Pig

Album 5 - Bornean Bearded Pig, Red-Footed Tortoise, Tigers, Bontebok antelope, Addra Gazelles, Giraffes,

Album 6 - Giraffe, Addra Gazelle, East African Crowned Crane, Bongo Antelope, guinea fowl, lion, zebra, pygmy hippo, waterfall

Album 7 - Pygmy hippo, Snowy Egret, camels, red-ruffled Lemur, Chimpanzees

Album 8 - Chimpanzees, White Rhinoceros, Gibbon,

Album 9 - Orangutan, Mallard ducks, Stork, Gaur, Swan, Wallaby, Double-wattled cassowary

Album 10 - Wallaby, Double-wattled cassowary, Tree Kangaroo, Tree Shrew, blue-tongued lizard, Kangaroos

Album 11 - Spider Monkeys, Storks, Western Lowland Gorilla, Red-Brocket Deer,  Great Blue Heron, Sun Bear, Spectacled Bear, Goat (petting zoo)

Album 12  - petting zoo - goat, baby camel, pigs, meercat, owl, mice, sloth, ? white-faced ?

Album 13  - caged primate, reptiles - lots of snakes!

Album 14 - finish with snakes and move on to the aquarium - fish, rays, sea turtles, even a toad

Album 15 - last aquarium photo, duck, Bongo Antelope, Giraffe, Guinea, Serval, Mandrill, Chimpanzee, White Rhinocerus, Egret, Lemurs, ? bird

Album 16 - ? bird, laughing gulls, Orangutan, an otter maybe?, Double-wattled Cassowary, Joey (baby Kangaroo), Cockatiels, Parakeets, White-hamded Gibbon, ? Antelope, Eagle, Parrots, Galapagos Tortoise

Album 17 - Galapagos Tortoise, Eagle, Parrots, Grackle, Spider Monkey, Storks

Album 18 - Spider Monkey, Egret, Storks with Chilean Flamingos, Spectacled Bear, Yellow-backed Duiker, Bontebok, Giraffe, Pygmy Hippo, Zebras, Mandrill

Album 19 - Mandrill, Tigers at play,

Album 20 - last of this day, more of the Tigers playing