ESL - English as a Second Language

In January, 2008 I went to Cuidad Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, México to teach English to elementary students at Eagle College.  A college in México is an elementary school, not an university as it is in the U.S.  It has been a learning process for me.  These pages are intended to be a resource for myself as well as others.  Look to the left frame for your options.  I returned to Miguerl Alemán on August 12, 2009 but left February 6, 2009 after the administration forbid me from using any photocopied materials in the classroom.  They insisted I use just the A Beka books they had required the parents to buy.  The problem?  The students' conversational English vocabulary was well below the vocabulary necessary to use the books.  Many students had never studied English before. So rather than pretend to teach (writing answers on the board for students to copy in their books) I resigned.  I have begun adding Bilingual Vocabulary lists of the 500 Most Frequent Words in the English Language to this site.  It was one of the projects I was using with the students to build their English Vocabulary - one of the photocopied materials I was forbidden to use after February 4, 2009.  I hope the students use it to continue to learn English.

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